With the growing popularity of Electronic Cigarettes many people ask, ‘Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?‘ ¬†Currently, the FDA has not performed any extensive investigations concerning the healthfulness of smoking Electronic Cigarettes, so much of the information you will read on the internet concerning the safety or health benefits of Electronic Cigarettes is heresay or not backed up by scientific studies.

What many people have said is that yes, maybe electronic cigarettes have some negative health impacts, but the question is, are they healthier than tobacco cigarettes?? We know tobacco cigarettes kill millions of people, and we know they contain tons of additives, tar, and carcinogens. So maybe the question to ask is not “Are Electronic Cigarettes Good For You?” but instead “Are Cigarettes A Healthier Alternative To Tobacco Cigarettes?

Many people say Electronic Cigarettes are much, much better for you, and many people have been able to quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. Breathing in vapor with Nicotine and additives or breathing in smoke with tar, nicotine, and many many more additives. Which will you choose? I chose to switch to Electronic Cigarettes and I have not looked back.

We at ElectronicCigaretteOverview.com cannot make any claims on the healthiness of Electronic Cigarettes, or say they are healthier than tobacco cigarettes, but if you have to decided to switch to electronic cigarettes we want to help you choose the best brand to purchase!

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